Online Pharmacy:

Want to order medication online? We are happy to offer our online pharmacy to make ordering meds directly to your door as easy as possible.

New Client Form:

We are so excited to welcome you to Pleasant Valley Equine. To make sure your first appointment goes smoothly please fill out section one to create your account and section 2 for horse information that way when it comes time for your appointment we are well prepared.

Health Certificate Request:

We want to make sure we do our best to make sure you are able to travel with your horse. That being said we have made a health certificate request form to make sure the girls in the office can get you and your horse on the road to your destination.


If you have had your coggins drawn by Pleasant Valley Equine you can find your certificate on My Vet Link. You will need to create an account under the email you gave Pleasant Valley Equine staff when you created your account.


On your receipt, you may see a rebate for your purchase of medications the link to redeem is below!